Italian restaurant chain, Pastry Dough, opens in Paris

French-Italian restaurant chain Pastry Deli is opening its first French-language outlet in Paris.

The chain’s pastry pastry shop is the first pastry restaurant in the country to open.

PastryDeli is a pastry shop with an emphasis on the traditional Italian cuisine of the region, said the company’s CEO, Flavio Rizzi.

“This is a first for France, it is a sign that Paris is now a place that has been on the map of pastry and is now becoming a place of international attraction,” he added.

Pastries are traditionally served in traditional, simple, seasonal pastry recipes that are traditionally made with a unique combination of herbs and spices.

Pastures in the French capital have been growing more popular since the arrival of immigrants from Italy and Spain, who now make up the bulk of the population. 

“We wanted to create a place where we could showcase our food to a global audience, which is why we opened our first French restaurant in Paris,” Rizzis statement said. 

According to the company, the opening of the Paris pastry shop “is a great moment for our company and a sign of the times.”