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Christmas Pastries in a Jar

A new Christmas pastry chef job will be coming to a San Francisco warehouse soon, but don’t expect a new pastry chef in your kitchen any time soon.

Jenin pastry chef Jamie Lee said she will only be joining the bakery, which has an opening next month.

“I will be moving to the warehouse to work full time and not be working from home as the warehouse will be located close to my family,” she said.

“The warehouse will have a full kitchen and kitchen staff, as well as the pastry chef.”

Lee said the bakery is a family business with “many talented and accomplished pastry chefs” in its mix, and she has been working at the bakery for about a year now.

“It’s been my dream to open a pastry shop in San Francisco since I was a kid,” she told ABC News.

“Growing up, I wanted to work at the kitchen of my favorite restaurant in San Jose.”

She said her bakery is not only family friendly, but the company is “well-known for its hand-crafted pastry.”

Jenin’s pastry chef is a young woman who is a pastry chef by trade and is also a pastry artist.

She is from San Francisco’s Mission district and grew up eating pies in her parents’ backyard.

“There are so many things that I love about San Francisco, including food, and baking is one of them,” she wrote on her website.

“My parents opened the first bakery in San Diego and it was amazing and I loved the people and the culture of San Francisco.

I love baking, and I love my family and friends and I want to create a better future for everyone here in San Fran and beyond.”

Lee also said she has a lot of friends in the pastry industry in the Bay Area.

“People love making pies, so it’s a really good place to be in San Fransisco, and my dream is to be able to work there and really enjoy the people who make me proud,” she explained.

The bakery will be based out of the bakery and pastry shop at the new Jenin space in San Mateo, the same space where the bakery will soon open a second location in the near future.

“We will be opening a second shop in the same building next month, with a smaller, more intimate space,” Lee said.

Jeni Lee, the pastry baker at Jenin, told she plans to stay with the bakery until her next shift.

“If I had to give up the bakery at that point, I wouldn’t,” she responded.

Jenuis pastry chef, who has worked at the Jenin bakery since March, said she is excited about the opening.

“Jenin is a bakery by choice,” she posted on Instagram.

“That means we are able to take time to work on our creations, and also to create more beautiful and unique products for the world to enjoy.

Working here is my dream, but I am also proud to have such a supportive and wonderful staff who are committed to making this bakery an amazing place to work, and to serve you.”