Guava is finally available in Australia

A few months ago, Guava Pastries opened up a location in the Adelaide CBD, a city that has a long history with Guava.

The cafe’s owners, John and Lianne Wang, were inspired to open a new bakery after visiting a Guava Bakery in China.

They said that the experience there was similar to that of being in the US and visiting a bakery in China, where you would be given a list of ingredients to buy, then being able to go home and pick it up at the shop.

“We had some experience there, and we were like, ‘Guava is a lot like that’,” Mr Wang said.

The couple said they hoped to eventually open a store in Sydney, which would be their second in the state.

For now, the cafe has just opened in the CBD and Mr Wang is still keen to find the right space for his business.

He said that he wanted the shop to look as if it had been there for decades, so that people would remember it as a familiar place.

There are plenty of people who know Guava well, he said.

“If we open up in a few months, we’ll be a pretty popular place, and people will come here for Guava.”

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