Trump’s latest tweet: We will get our act together!

President Donald Trump’s tweets on Friday afternoon and into the night had a profound impact on American politics, but for one small part of his country — the tiny island nation of the Maldives.

It’s the first time in decades that a U.S. president has used Twitter to call attention to the plight of the nation’s most impoverished people.

A day earlier, Trump had written that he would be sending a “very strong message” to Maldives and its people.

“The Maldives are doing a fantastic job of getting their economy going, and they are doing very well.

They have tremendous potential and great promise.

And so I will be sending very strong messages,” Trump wrote, referring to the island nation.

But just hours later, the president’s tweets were deleted, and he was quickly replaced by another tweet that seemed to focus on the Maldive people’s economic plight.

“We are working on an announcement about the Maldivian economy.

We are working very hard on that, and I look forward to announcing it very soon,” Trump tweeted.

“Great job by Maldives in getting their lives back on track.

I am sending you all a message today that the U.N. will be very happy.

We will be putting out very strong signals about that very soon.

I have a great relationship with President [Maldives President Mohamed] Nasheed, and we have a lot of respect for each other.

We love our country.

Trump also tweeted a video from the Maldifai Islands Independence Day celebration that the Malditans celebrated this week. “

Our Maldives, we will be watching very closely and I hope you will join us.”

Trump also tweeted a video from the Maldifai Islands Independence Day celebration that the Malditans celebrated this week.

The Maldives’ Independence Day celebrations included singing of the national anthem and waving of the flag.

Trump had earlier tweeted that he wanted to send “a very strong message to Maldivians” about the island’s economic development.

“Thank you Maldives for being the first and most important nation in the world to recognize the Maldi Government’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity,” Trump said.

“It’s been one of the best investments by any government in the last 50 years.

They are now one of our closest allies in the region and in the entire world.”

The president also had a message for the people of the United States.

“As you know, we are working extremely hard on behalf of the American people to promote and improve their economic and social wellbeing,” Trump told them.

“So we’re sending a very strong signal today to the Maldibis and their people: We are serious about your problems and we are committed to making sure that you and your families are well-served.”

Trump’s tweet on Friday evening was not the first such message to the people’s island.

In January, Trump tweeted that the United Nations “should not be taking sides in any dispute with Maldives.”

“As the President of the U, I want the UN. to focus more on the safety and security of Maldivis,” Trump’s Jan. 22 tweet said.

Trump then tweeted that “they should be focusing on the peace and prosperity of Maldives & Maldives people.”

The Maldive government said that the tweet did not represent a change in U.A.E. policy, which was not to interfere in Maldivi affairs.

The United States has been concerned with Maldivs political situation since late last year, when it was reported that the island had begun exporting alcohol to neighboring nations, including the Maldis.

In February, the Maldites government accused the United Arab Emirates of helping Maldivias neighbors in their fight against Maldivia.

Trump and Maldives Prime Minister Mohamed Nasheed have previously said that they are in good talks with the United Kingdom and other nations in the Arab world about the issue.

Trump has criticized the Maldigas leaders for a lack of transparency and has suggested that they should resign.

“Why haven’t they resigned, why haven’t their leaders resigned?”

Trump asked in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network in December.

“I think they should quit.

They should be out of the country.

They should be deported, they should go to a country that they shouldn’t be in.”