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‘I think I’m an asshole’: New York bakery owner gets fired for wearing pants

An employee at a New York pastry shop said she has been fired after posting a photo of herself in a pantsuit on Instagram.

Alissa Shaughnessy, owner of the La Petite Creme in the West Village, shared the photo on Facebook and Twitter in November and December of last year.

The caption reads, “I’m tired of being an asshole.

So why not wear a skirt to work, too?”

She also posted a photo in October of herself with the caption, “It’s time for me to show my pants.”

The post has since been shared more than 3,000 times and has been shared by other people, including The Washington Post’s political reporter Ryan Grim and The Daily Beast’s Jessica Valenti.

Shaughnesses’s termination was posted on Tuesday and was posted to Instagram.

The post said the store was considering an appeal.

Shughnessy was fired in May for wearing a pants suit to work.

A post on the shop’s Facebook page says the dress is “the result of a dress code violation.”

It also says Shaughnes was not fired for violating dress code or for violating the city’s dress code.

The Post’s Amanda Terkel contributed to this report.