How To Make French Pastry Mat, The Original French Pie Dough

This is the first recipe that I ever wrote for the site.

I thought it was great, but then I started to think about how much more versatile the recipe is with a few modifications.

I’ll call it French Pastie Mat, and the instructions are below.

If you are unfamiliar with French pastry, the basic ingredients are flour, water, yeast, sugar, salt, and pepper.

For the crust, you use a standard pie crust.

It comes in a box, and you can either use it as a base for other recipes, or cut out and store it for other pies.

I also used a dough mold for the crust.

There are a couple of variations for using a dough like that.

For a traditional French Pasta Mat, you might use one sheet of parchment paper, or a large baking sheet that can be folded into a circle, then rolled up.

I didn’t bother with the traditional dough because I didn, in fact, use a regular pie crust, and I’ve used the same dough to make a whole lot of pies, so I figured that it would be good to have the option of either.

For this version, I didn�t have a sheet of paper, so instead, I cut a circle out of parchment and rolled it out to make the crust for the pastry mat.

You can also use a smaller sheet of cardboard or plastic wrap.

I used a small piece of parchment, but you could also use paper towels.

You could also just cut out a piece of plastic and wrap it around the circumference of the pastry, or fold it in half.

This version makes a perfect little pie crust for French Pastas.

I just wanted to add that a simple flour mix could also be used for making the crust dough.

You don�t need to be particularly fancy about this.

If this crust is made to be baked in the oven, it will cook in about 15 minutes.

For best results, bake in a warm oven, but the pastry is still soft and tender when done.

The dough will rise slightly, so be careful when cutting the dough.

For my version, the crust baked in 15 minutes, but this would probably cook in 15-20 minutes.

The crust would also be very easy to peel off, and will be soft and moist when it’s finished.

This is my version of the French pastry mat that I used in the past, and it works great.

There’s a lot of great information on this site about French pastry recipes, and a lot that you can learn about the art of making French pastry.

So if you are going to make French pastry at home, I recommend going to this site and seeing how to make your own pastry.

If I’m not sure about what I�m making, just ask.

The pastry mat is a great addition to any home, but it can be made in any oven you use.

For me, I usually bake the pastry in a 350 degree oven, which makes it really easy to handle.

I love the fact that the dough has a lot more texture and a crispier crust, because the pastry will be crispy when you cut it.

You won�t be able to see the crust when you take it out, so if you bake it in a microwave, it won�ll just be a mess.

If the dough is too thick for your oven, you can always use a very light pastry dough.

I baked mine with a little bit of flour, but I also made it with a light but firm buttercream.

I think this is a good dough to use for other pastry recipes that use pastry dough as a basis for pie filling, or for baking in a large pan.

You would use this as the base for a variety of other pastry dough recipes, but for this particular one, I just made it a little thinner, and used a light, soft buttercream as the pastry.

You might also try a little more flour, if you use that buttercream, and then use it in other pastry projects.

For recipes that you might want to try, here are a few other links: Pastry Dough Recipe: How To Make A French Pastrami In The Kitchen With this recipe, you will learn how to roll a pastry mat into a thick and doughy dough.

This recipe is a little easier to make, and requires less flour than most of the recipes on this website.

It will take about 20 minutes to make.

If using the pastry recipe as a template, you should use a small baking sheet.

The recipe will then make an 8″x11″ sheet.

If not using the recipe, the recipe should still make enough dough to form an 8×11 sheet, which is about 8″ square.

For your first pastry recipe, try the French Pasto Mat.

I like this one so much that I’m sharing it here.

It makes an awesome pie crust with a thin crust, so you can get your pie crust on the table