What to expect when you go to Greece and Turkey in April

The summer is over and the summer is here.

This is the time of year when the season begins and it is a great time to travel and experience the Greek culture.

The summer also marks the start of the spring and the arrival of spring rolls.

In Greece, spring rolls are made by combining sweetened spring rolls, fried onions, and some spices with a lot of cream cheese, butter, and eggs.

As for the Turkish summer, it is more of a time of rest, eating, and eating.

You can find Greek pastries on the side of a street corner, but the summertime is also the time for delicious sweets like the Greek chocolate and coconut milk cake.

If you are looking for Greek desserts, this is the place to go.

For some, it may seem like it is hard to get Greek sweets in the US.

But you can’t beat the flavors and the service.

The wait staff will get you your favorite pastry, and if you are not hungry, the owner will provide some desserts for you.