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Why are these pastry cookies so bad?

The blueberry cookie is probably the worst thing to eat all year, and it’s even worse for your teeth.

But there’s another way to get your teeth coated in the sugary goodness: eat a muffin.

“There are three different types of muffins,” says Dr. Michelle Riggs, dental chair for the Center for Dental Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“One type of muffin is white, one is brown, and one is a different color.

The type of white muffin, they’re basically white.

So it’s usually a breakfast muffin.”

But it turns out that the same type of sugar can make a delicious muffin even better.

“When you eat a white muffins, the sugars from that white are going to get absorbed into your body, and they’ll help to balance the amount of fat in your body,” Riggs explains.

“That’s the main thing that makes them a great muffin: they’re filled with healthy fats.”

Muffins with more fiber are more filling and also have more nutrients in them.

“In fact, a muffins that contains more than 25 percent fiber is a great choice for those looking to lose weight and maintain their teeth.”

If you have a lot of sugar in your diet, you’re going to have a lower fiber intake, so if you want to have an even more filling muffin and you’re getting more nutrients, that’s what you want,” Rigg says.

To get the most out of your muffins and other baked goods, it’s best to keep your ratio of sugar to fat to fat-free protein the same.”

If you want more nutrition, it is important to keep those ratios in check.””

If I have a whole-grain muffin that has protein, I like to use a little more protein than that.”

If you want more nutrition, it is important to keep those ratios in check.

“The first thing I always look at when I’m making muffins is, is it actually healthy for me?”

Riggs says.

“You want to keep things that are low in sugar and fat, but also high in fiber.”

If the ratio of carbs to protein is too high, you’ll be missing out on important nutrients, like potassium.

“Calcium is really important,” Rumbles says.

And when you eat more than 5 percent carbs, you may have problems with your kidneys.

“Some people have problems,” Rounds says.

“Some folks may have more kidney stones and a higher risk of heart disease.”

Riggs says that while there’s no proven cure for the problem, there are ways to decrease your risk of kidney stones.

“It’s definitely not good to be obese, but it’s possible to make things a little bit healthier,” she says.

The best thing about muffins?

They are very filling.

And while they’re not as filling as a baked good, they are filling enough that they will keep your teeth and gums working.

“That’s what I love about muffin-making.

It’s not only are they filling, but they’re also filling enough for you to have lots of time to eat them,” Righes says.

Muffin dough recipes are so easy to make, that you can even have them on hand at home.

“A lot of people are surprised that they can make muffins at home,” Rives says. 

“But it’s actually pretty easy.

You just need a dough hook, and you need to add the flour.

You mix it up until you get a smooth dough.”