How the UK is getting its fish and chips fix in the UK

The UK is the world’s top fish and chip destination, according to a report released on Thursday.

It is the third-largest source of fish chips worldwide, with nearly half of UK customers buying the fish and cheese in the United Kingdom.

The report said that British customers bought more than three million fish and chowders in 2017.

The study, conducted by research company The Economist Intelligence Unit, found that British consumers bought more fish and seafood than any other country.

The average price of fish and fish products in the U.K. in 2017 was $2.70 per pound, or $2,068 per 100 pounds.

The most expensive fish and vegetable products were shrimp and cod, with prices reaching $3,564 per 100 pound.

The UK, which is the top seafood destination in the world, has long been criticized for its high prices.

Last year, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he would make fish and shrimp cheaper than the U,S.

price, according the BBC.

The U.S. is the largest fish and poultry exporter in the western world, but it also ranks among the highest per capita consumers of meat.

The British government has been trying to make its fish food more affordable in recent years.

Earlier this year, the government announced a $5.50 per 100-gram (1.2-ounce) tax on British fish and other seafood imports.

The new tax, which will apply to fish and shellfish sold in the grocery store, is expected to raise $50 million a year.

The tax is expected be fully implemented in 2021.