Why it’s the perfect gift for a French-speaking holiday lover

By FRANCESTA SANTOLETOIReuters The pastries are baked in a large oven with a big glass chimney.

The smell is like burning butter.

There are candles.

You feel warm and cozy.

You get a hint of the pastry.

The pastry is crisp and soft.

It’s made from a blend of dark chocolate and flaky crust.

You taste the pastry and you think of the holiday.

It smells like Christmas.

The pastry is a delight to taste.

Its soft and sweet, with hints of chocolate.

The dark chocolate flavor makes it so good.

The crust is flaky and the pastry is soft.

You can’t help but smile when you bite into it.

You enjoy it.

The taste of the crust is so comforting.

You know that it’s not too crunchy or too hard.

It just tastes good.

And when you are done, the crust holds its shape and you can taste the softness of the chocolate.

You like the pastry better than the actual pastry.

The smell of the baking is so rich.

You smell the butter, the cream, the spices, the sweet creaminess of the pastries.

You get a whiff of the butter.

You enjoy the butter and the pastry.

You want to eat it.

The last part of this picture is the part where you are not sure whether you want to share the pastry or not.

You are thinking about how you can take it and give it to someone.

You have a gift basket with the pastriets in it.

You don’t know where to put it.

Then you decide to take it with you to your favorite restaurant.

The first thing you do is open it.

It is full of pastries and you want them all to share.

The next thing you try is to put the pastry on a plate.

You put it in front of a TV and you watch it on your TV.

You start to feel sad.

You decide to share some with someone else.

You go to the bathroom.

You see the pastry sitting in front, and you say to yourself, “Oh my God, I can’t do that.”

You decide that you can share it with someone.

Then you open the bag.

You see that it is filled with the pastry that you are giving to someone, and your heart begins to race.

You think to yourself “I can’t take this.

I’m too emotional.

I can never do that!”

You open the box.

You take out the pastry with the most fond memories.

You open it up and you find that the pastry was perfect.

The pastries taste like Christmas and the chocolate is so delicious.

The cookies are so crunchy and soft, and the flaky dough is so tender.

The chocolate is perfect.

You eat it and you feel so good because you can’t eat any other pastry.

You thank yourself and thank your family and friends.

You feel a bit sad.

Then suddenly, you get a rush of happiness.

You make yourself comfortable and you fall asleep.

This is when the future of the gift will be decided.

The day you decide, “I’m going to give this pastry to someone.”

This is when you will decide that it has been a gift to someone and that you will give it back.

The next time you have to give a gift, you will have a smile on your face.

You have a friend who lives in the U.S. and you talk about giving her the pastry the day she gets married.

She says, “It would be so wonderful to give it away.”

You say, “Of course!”

You say, “I think it would be a great gift to give her to her friend.

But I’m not sure I want to give you the pastry because you would be giving it away anyway.”

You say to your friends, “There are so many pastry companies in France and they are so delicious and you are just giving it to your friend.”

Then you say, to your girlfriend, “Thank you so much for sharing the pastry.”

She says to you, “That was great!

Thank you so very much!

It was the best gift I’ve ever received!”

You are not the only one who loves this pastry.

This pastry has been loved by many French-speakers around the world.

You just know it is the perfect pastry for someone who loves French cuisine.

This is not a dessert.

You love this pastry because it is a great pastry.

This pastry is made from chocolate, butter, flour, eggs, sugar, salt, pepper, and cream.

The dough is made by mixing all the ingredients together in a big bowl.

The filling is made in the bowl and it is shaped into a pastry.

It has a light golden color and the top is soft and slightly chewy.

You need to eat the pastry to get the best texture.

You really need to have a bowl of ice water in