The goldenrod pastry garden is open, the food is delicious

The goldenrods pastries garden in Brisbane is open to the public and the staff are excited to say the fruits and vegetables are delicious.

Goldenrod Pastries is a pastry garden in the city of Brisbane, which opened last month.

It’s not a traditional pastry garden, but the owners say they love bringing their colourful pastries to the market.

The owners are in the process of making the pastry garden more open, and plan to sell some of the fruit and vegetables.

But the owners of the pastry shop say they have a special interest in the fruit filled pastry, which is used in pastries.

“When we started the pastry we had no idea how to make a goldenrod pastry, but we love it so much, so we decided to make one,” chef Emily Bower said.

“We made it with our grandmother, who is an art teacher and also a pastry chef, so it’s like an art project.”

The goldenrod paste, which can be made in the kitchen, is made with cream and sugar, and is the perfect choice for a summertime dessert.

“It’s a very sweet, sweet pastry with a lovely creamy filling, and it’s really delicious,” she said.

The pastry is used for a range of pastries from the bakery, ice cream and cakes, as well as in pastas, soups and pastries for the catering industry.

“I think it’s a great product, it’s something that really goes really well with the season, and I think it will be a very popular thing in the future,” Ms Bower says.

“Our favourite part of the garden is the goldenrod, so you can find some goldenroids here.”

The Goldenrod Pastry Garden opened in late August.