Which is the best puff pastry recipe?

The puff pastry is a classic pizza dough recipe that has been around for years.

But it’s a great way to prepare a classic, savoury pie. 

Here are our top 5 puff pastry recipes from the last 30 years. 


Puff pastry with chocolate sauce and cheese: Puff pastry is so popular these days, it’s hard to imagine that a classic recipe from the 70s could be out of reach.

However, this classic is still very popular and, in fact, has been making the rounds for years in the US.

For those who don’t know, puff pastry dough is made by using a pastry bag filled with pastry and then a small amount of chocolate sauce. 

When you mix the chocolate sauce with the dough, it creates a creamy, buttery, creamy chocolate sauce that adds a layer of richness to the dough. 


Puffed puff pastry with cheese sauce and tomato sauce: If you’re looking for a classic and simple pizza dough to try, this is your best bet.

This recipe is based on the original recipe that was first published in 1963.

When I first tried this recipe, I was shocked at how good it was.

I had no idea how to make it at the time.

Puff dough is one of the easiest dough to make.

It’s perfect for baking and the filling is just right.

The tomato sauce is a bit spicy, but it’s not too overpowering. 


Puffy puff pastry: This is a dough that can be a little tricky to make, but I have found that when I add a few ingredients to the mixture, it makes the whole thing go a little better.

You can make this recipe at home by using the dough from the original, but then just place it in a bowl and chill overnight before you start. 


Packed puff pastry.

This is another recipe that is easy to make at home.

It is a filling that can easily be stored in the fridge.

If you are looking for something a little more decadent, try the puff pastry version with chocolate frosting and cheese sauce.5.

Pecan puff pastry and chocolate sauce: This is a delicious recipe for a Christmas dessert.

This pizza dough can be made in the oven, but a pizza pan makes a great place to keep it in the freezer.

This cake dough is perfect for making muffins or cupcakes, which you can then make pizza or muffins from. 

P.S. If you’re having trouble finding a recipe that will make your family happy, try these fun recipes for a few extra ideas.