The best things about Apple’s new line of iPads: iPhone 5s review

A few weeks ago, Apple released a new iPad mini, the 5s.

While the device is essentially a refresh of last year’s iPad mini with a thinner and lighter body, it still comes with a number of new features, including a larger display and a new wireless charging standard.

The company has also introduced new products with a new theme, namely the Apple Watch.

It’s not clear whether these new devices are actually connected to the iPad mini or if they’re a special edition of the iPad with a higher-resolution display.

Either way, Apple has done away with the standard-definition display on the iPhone 5, but the company still uses a 4.7-inch OLED display on its newer iPhones.

Apple’s new iPad lineup is comprised of three different devices, with the 5th-generation iPad mini and the 5.5-inch iPad Pro both being made by Apple.

It looks like the company’s going to keep releasing new models of the 5 series until the end of the year, but Apple hasn’t announced any details about what the new iPad 5s will look like.

If you’re looking for an iPad with all of Apple’s best features, you can probably find it at a number, including Apple’s online store.

The new iPad 6, which is currently only available in the US, will arrive on September 23.

We’re expecting it to come with the same display as the iPhone 6, with slightly higher resolution, and to offer the same hardware specs as the new iPhone 6s.