What is an Italian pastry shop?

Chicagoans will have their first taste of a new pastry shop opening in the Loop this week, with Carol’s on Lincoln, located at 1245 N. Lincoln Ave., and Spanakopito, located in the East Garfield Park neighborhood, both featuring a range of savory pastries.

“We are really excited about our new location, and we have been talking with our new owners about our future,” said Carol Thompson, Carole Thompson’s mother.

Carol Thompson opened her own pastry shop in Chicago in 1999, and since then, she has expanded into the dessert and specialty food industry.

“We have opened our first pastry shop for about 20 years,” she said.

“Now, we are in the process of opening a second pastry shop.”

For now, the pastry shop will be located at Lincoln Avenue and North Randolph Street, just south of Lincoln Park Avenue.

Carole Thompson said the new location will be a new location that she can use to serve her family, as well as a place where she can offer customers a fresh selection of pastries and desserts, as opposed to the typical “dessert shop.”

“I think our customers will really enjoy having a different experience,” Thompson said.

“Carol’s is an American institution, but we are proud to be part of the Italian community in Chicago,” said Michelle Thompson, the restaurant’s executive chef.

“I know it will be an amazing experience for our customers.”

Carol is hoping to open her new pastry and bakery business in 2018.