How to get your pastry in the best shape for 2018

New year’s resolutions are just that: resolutions.

If you’re like most people these days, you’ve made one of these for yourself.

But, if you want to be the best person on the planet, you’re going to need a little bit more than that.

Here’s how to do it. 

We know we’ve all done it before. 

It’s easy.

We know how to say no. 

And, it’s not something we’ve ever really struggled with, but if you’ve ever struggled with how to make your Christmas decorations for your favorite holiday tradition, you know what we’re talking about.

And for us, it was no small feat to make our own buttercream in 2017.

It took us a few months, and we’re glad we did it.

But the results?

A lot of us had a hard time getting them to stick.

We were a little disappointed that the buttercream ended up being too dry.

It was kind of like, “Why the hell would I make a buttercream?”

The truth is, it wasn’t.

There were so many variables involved.

The recipe was really complicated, the butter was too heavy, and the pastry cutter had a few holes in it.

But we found our solution.

We got our buttercream together.

In this recipe, we use a brand new brand of buttercream. 

The new brand is Starbucks Pastries’ Lime Buttercream.

It’s made with 100% natural and organic coconut oil and is rich and creamy with a nice subtle flavor.

It tastes so delicious that we wanted to make it again, so we put it through the dishwasher and added more coconut oil to make the butter cream.

When you’re making a butter-free pastries for a holiday celebration, this is a perfect time to make some fresh, healthy treats.

Plus, you’ll never be tempted to buy fresh coconut oil again.

It can be super expensive.

We’ve already made a few dozen of these delicious pastries.

Now, we’re going back to making more! 

Our Buttercream Recipes: Lemon Buttercream (with coconut oil, honey, vanilla, and lemon juice)  (recipe follows)  Creamy Pastry with Fresh Coconut Oil (with raw honey and lemon) (reciper follows) Sweet Pastry and Cream (with whipped cream, sugar, cinnamon, and coconut oil) Pastry Dough (with homemade lemon buttercream, sugar and coconut cream) Passion Fruit Pastry (with fresh passion fruit and honey) Chocolate Chip Buttercream Cake (with chocolate chips, whipped cream and whipped cream cheese) Apple Pastry Buttercream (with cinnamon, apple, and melted buttercream) Lemony Pastry (sweetened vanilla, coconut cream, and sugar) Danish Pastry Cupcakes (fresh vanilla cake, candied orange, whipped frosting, and chocolate chips) Frosted Maple Buttercream Cookies (cake filled with chocolate chips and whipped frostings) Cookie Buttercream Cups (chocolate and vanilla frosting) Banana Cream Pie (vanilla ice cream with banana cream filling) Mango Buttercream Cupcakes (chocolate, banana, and cinnamon frosting with a sugar-free filling) Vanilla Pastry Cake (Vanilla icecream topped with chocolate, coconut, and honey frosting.) 

Maui Coconut Pastry Cups (chocolates filled with fresh coconut milk, coconut oil powder, and cocoa powder) Kiwi Coconut Cream Cake (chunky, fluffy, and whipped) Pastry Cake with Coconut Milk and Apple (vanilla) Spiced Coconut Buttercream Frosting (mashed, powdered, and topped with sugar-covered pecans) Tofu Pastry Pie (vanillos, avocado, and sweetened condensed milk) Maple Pastry Cookies (sour cream, maple syrup, and powdered sugar) Cinnamon Pastry Bowls (sour milk, sugar-sweetened condensed cream, cinnamon) Strawberry Pastry Frosting (sugar-sweet condensed milk, strawberry preserves, vanilla extract) Sweet Chocolate Covered Vanilla Cake (crumbly and topped, chocolate chip) Apple Pie with Raspberry Cream (sherry, coconut milk and chocolate) Wine Pie with Cranberry Sauce (chile, grapefruit, and cranberry sauce) Blackened Coconut Milk Cake  Cinnamon Cake with Honey (spiced cinnamon, sugar sugar, and almond extract)