_____________A Taste of the Middle East? __________The Middle East is the place to be in the world, according to an

published by Newsweek, an influential US publication.

The article features a list of Middle Eastern food and drinks that the author believes are the best in the country.

The article, titled The Middle East Food and Drink Guide, was written by journalist Michael A. Cappelletti and published in December of last year.

According to the article, there are “a lot of great Middle Eastern dishes, including some that are actually delicious.”

For example, Cappellelli points out that “the popular puffer pastry and puff pastry appetizer dishes are very easy to make.”

Cappellellelli also cites that “there is something for everyone on the Middle Eastern menu.”

For his part, Capps says that he loves Middle Eastern desserts, and that he likes to try “many Middle Eastern cuisine dishes that I think are delicious.”

“I am excited to share the Middle-Eastern cuisine with my friends and to see what they think,” he added.