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Which are the best Chinese pastry recipes?

Chinese pastry is a staple in Chinese culture, and it is very popular in Japan and Korea.

Some of the most popular pastry recipes in Japan include the yurashi yukon, the yukonna yukoni and the pomegranate mochi.

In Korea, the puyeon is popular as a summertime pastry.

A popular Chinese dessert in China is the bok choy and the yuzu panggong.

These are both very popular desserts in China and are enjoyed throughout the country.

Other popular Chinese desserts are the fried tofu mochis, fried pork buns, and the crispy pork dumplings.

Chinese pastry has many other dishes as well, and many dishes are prepared from scratch, such as tofu and egg rolls.

Here are some of the best recipes for Chinese pastry you can try in your favorite Chinese restaurant.