What to Know About Asian Pastries, Fruits and Vegetables and More: Get Your Order Now

Asian desserts are popping up all over the world, including in the United States.

They are often made with egg whites and cream, and can also be made with sweeteners, dairy products and honey.

Many people think that there are more types of Asian pastries than traditional versions, but they are actually quite similar, with a few notable differences.

Here are some of the main differences between Asian desserts and American favorites. 


They’re All Fruit-Flavored The most popular types of Chinese desserts are fruit-flavored.

Some have strawberries, blueberries and pineapple, while others have custard, custard-like pastries and chocolate-flavoured pastries.

Fruit-flavorings are used in many Asian desserts as well, such as sweet and savory desserts. 


They Aren’t Just Fried, They’re Also Vegan There are a number of vegan versions of traditional Chinese desserts, such the tofu-filled cakes, fried cakes and stir-fries.

These don’t contain eggs or soy, so there are no added calories.

They can also contain a vegan alternative to eggs. 


They Include Spices Many Chinese desserts use the spice mix, which includes a combination of herbs, spices, rice and other ingredients.

These can be prepared in a variety of ways, and are sometimes made with honey. 


They Have A Sweet and Spicy Flavor Some people associate Chinese desserts with savory flavors.

But this is a misconception. 


They Don’t Just Have a Sweet Creamy Finish There are some desserts that use the egg whites, but there are many other flavors that have been used in Chinese desserts for centuries. 


They Offer Some Nutritional Benefits As a result of using soy, there are a few nutritional benefits to be found in Asian desserts.

For example, the egg white can be replaced with almond flour to make a rich and creamy pudding, and the almond flour is a protein source. 


They Are Rich and Sweet As Chinese desserts typically contain a lot of sugar, they’re often rich in protein.

They may also contain sugar and fat, which can be a health hazard if consumed in excess. 


They May Be Vegan Many of the ingredients used in traditional Chinese dessert dishes have been veganized. 


They Can Be Made with Dairy Products As part of their veganizing process, many Chinese desserts contain milk and cream substitutes, such a coconut milk and soy milk.

They also have a number that are made with dairy products, such almond milk and cashew milk. 


They Won’t be Easy to Cook In addition to the sweet and spicy flavors, they can also vary in their texture.

Some are thicker and more crunchy while others are softer. 


They Contain Fruit, Vegetables, or Seafood As they have a rich, creamy texture, Asian desserts have become popular with people looking for something a little different. 


They Might Be Sweet, But Not as Sweet As Traditional Chinese desserts can contain a number types of fruit, vegetables and seafood, but you may not notice that they are all sweet.

They vary from sweet to tart and savoury to salty. 


They Take Time To Cook These pastries require a little patience, but it’s worth it for the nutritional benefits. 


They’ve Become Popular Many Chinese dessert restaurants now offer a range of flavors and textures to cater to a variety, from traditional to new flavors. 


They Taste Different Different Than Traditional Chinese Pastries They may not look as similar to traditional desserts, but some may be better than others. 


They Keep a Few Things In Common Some of the traditional Chinese pastries have become part of a larger trend.

For instance, the custard is often replaced with soy milk or almond milk, and some desserts may also use egg whites. 


They Serve Some Vegan Substitutes Chinese desserts have a variety that can be substituted with vegan substitutes, including soy milk, almond milk or coconut milk.

There are also vegan versions made with fish, shrimp, pork and eggs.

These recipes are usually served in small quantities, which make them easier to serve. 


They Look Different Than the Traditional Chinese Cookbook The traditional Chinese cookbook has some of these same basic ingredients, but the cooking time and ingredients are significantly longer. 


They Come in Different Colors, Different Colors of Cream These desserts are also known as white pastries or yellow pastries because they often have white frosting or cream. 


They Use a Spicy or Sweet Flavor Some of these pastries use a different flavor of egg whites than traditional desserts.


They Give You a Recipe For All of Your Holiday Cravings If you want to try some Chinese desserts before Christmas, you may want to give them a try.

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