How to make puff pastry

Cheese pastry dough is a popular recipe for pastry, particularly when it comes to filling the interior of cakes.For this recipe we’ve found cream cheese, sugar, milk and butter.The dough will be kept warm in the oven until it reaches the right temperature, so don’t let the dough get too cold!The filling will have to […]


When is guava pastry available in the US?

Guava pastry is a popular Middle Eastern pastry in the Middle East.Its one of the oldest Middle Eastern desserts.It was introduced to the Middle Eastern region in the 13th century.Guava puffs are served with rice, couscous, and beans.In the Middle Ages, it was considered a luxury food, and it was also known as Persian food.Guavas […]


Which french pastry name are you?

French pastry names are a great source of vocabulary and slang.In addition, these names are usually used to refer to things that are traditionally made from pastry.In the US, these are known as the French breadcrumbs.The name of the first known recipe for a French bread crumb is a variation of this, which is probably […]